Traffic Disruption on Calea Motilor, Cluj-Napoca Caused by Three-Car Accident at Motilor Junction

On Tuesday afternoon, an accident involving several vehicles took place on Calea Motilor, an important thoroughfare in Cluj-Napoca, also known as “Cluj Calea Motilor Accident“. Initial reports suggest that the incident caused traffic disruption near the area. The Cluj County Police Inspectorate (IPJ Cluj) stated that no injuries were reported as a result of the event, only material damage. However, the situation is still ongoing and more details are expected to emerge during the investigation. Continue reading for more details on

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accident motilor
accident motilor

I. How did the Motor Accident happen?

A traffic disruption was caused by a three-car accident on Calea Motilor in Cluj-Napoca. Although no injuries were reported, there was property damage. According to the police investigation, the accident was the result of an improper left turn by the 72-year-old driver.

accident motilor
accident motilor

The breathalyzer analyzes carried out by the police revealed that the 72-year-old driver had a breath alcohol concentration of 0.13 mg/l, exceeding the legal limit. Moreover, both the driver and a female passenger, estimated to be in her 50s, in the opposite vehicle required medical attention. Their current condition and the extent of their injuries have not been released.

II. IPJ Cluj’s response to the Motilor Accident

IPJ Cluj is actively investigating the accident on Calea Motilor. Law enforcement officers are diligently gathering additional evidence to establish a comprehensive understanding of the incident. They will determine any legal consequences resulting from the involvement of alcohol and the driver’s alleged improper left turn. Updates on the investigation will be provided as more information becomes available.

As the investigation progresses, IPJ Cluj has assured the public that updates will be provided to keep everyone up to date with the progress of the case. It is important that commuters and residents in the area remain cautious and be informed of any traffic diversions or safety measures implemented as a result of the accident. Following these instructions will help ensure the safety of all involved.

The local authorities express their sympathy to those affected by the disruption and express their commitment to resolve the situation promptly and efficiently. Their priority is to restore normal traffic conditions as soon as possible, while also holding the parties responsible for their actions accountable.

In the meantime, it is essential that all road users exercise more caution, follow the rules of the road and remain alert to prevent further accidents. By being informed, patient and attentive, everyone can contribute to maintaining a safe and secure road environment in Cluj-Napoca.

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